Looking Glass Images

Augustus Sherman was an amateur photographer who worked as a registry clerk at Ellis Island during the immigration wave of the early 20th century. From 1904 to 1920 he took roughly 200 photographs of new arrivals. They'd don their finest clothing and pose. For the most part, these were people being held by customs for further investigation. The images are a true national treasure. I've used a selection of his images available from the New York Public Library. All of these images have been colorized and digitally enhanced for a painterly feel. For each one, I've included the original as well as a link to the source. Click on the image and then click the link to view the original.

The Immigrants

Ruthenian Woman
Slovakian Woman and Children
Romanian Piper
Gypsy Family
Danish Man
Hindoo Boy
German Stowaway
Dutch Children
Dutch Woman
Algerian Man
Swedish Children
Women from Guadeloupe