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It's often said that the best camera is the one you have with you... and that has never been more true than it is today. In fact, most of my photos these days are taken with my trusty, always ready, iPhone. We photograph everything... our kids, grandkids, sporting events, our meals, parties, ourselves... not a day goes by when we aren't snapping a picture of something. But, few people know the little tips and tricks that can make your iPhone photography even better. These are so easy to use and are built right into the camera app on your phone. I am using an iPhone 6... and I'm really looking forward to upgrading to the iPhone 7Plus, which has all kinds of new camera features. But for now...

1. The quickest way to open the camera app if your iPhone is locked, is to press the home button to unlock and then swipe right to left from the lock screen- even before entering your passcode (if you use one).

2. Be sure your camera icon is easy to find. Place it either in the dock, or in the upper right or left corner of your opening screen. Just press and hold on the camera icon until all of your icons begin to jiggle. You can then use your finger to move the icon to your chosen location. Press the Home Button, and the icons will stop jiggling.

3. If you're working in another app (phone, email, messages, etc), just swipe up gently from the bottom, and you will see the camera icon. Press the icon and the camera app will open.

4. Turn on the Grid

The grid is an overlay of intersecting lines that appears over your image in the camera. The grid does NOT become a part of your photographed image. The grid is very handy for helping to keep horizon lines straight in landscape photos. Also, a photograph is often more interesting when the main subject appears in the intersection of 2 lines. In photography speak, this is called the "Rule of Thirds".

To to Settings>Photos & Camera>Turn on Grid

5. Shoot in Burst Mode for action shots. This is really helpful when photographing children, babies, pets, sports... anytime there's a chance for movement in the shot. Hold down the "shutter" button and the camera will take 10 pictures per second. When finished, release the button and open the image. You'll see the word "Burst" and the number of pictures that were taken in parenthesis. Choose "select" at the bottom of the screen and you can select the best one... choose to keep all of the images, or choose to keep only your favorite.

6. Set the focus manually. When you take a picture with your iPhone, the camera will decide where the focus and exposure should be. If you want to be sure you're focusing on exactly what you want, just tap the screen at the spot where you want the focus to be. You'll see a yellow square, which lets you know that the camera is now focusing on the exact spot you want.

I hope you try out a few of these tips for yourself. Next time I'll introduce you to an amazing FREE app that will really take your photos to another level.

See ya,


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