Zoo Day

A couple of weeks ago I went to the zoo for no other reason than to take pictures. I love taking pictures at the zoo. But, when you're trying to stop your kids or grandkids from diving into the polar bear pool, or share their lunch with the penguins, it's hard to stop and get the shots you'd like. So... I went by myself, and took photos to my heart's content.

For obvious reasons, the zoo sometimes doesn't provide the best backdrop for the animals. Not only are there bars, cages and glass- there's also all of the kids, strollers, balloons and people. But, using the magic of apps on the iPhone or iPad, these are just minor annoyances that can be dealt with easily. So... here are a few of the animals, as I prefer to see them.




It's all about the magic! Till next time...

#photography #animalphotography #animals #zoo #photoediting #ipadart #iPhoneart

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