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Take Your Best Shot

August 18, 2017



This week I'm starting a new series called Take Your Best Shot


So often when we're taking pictures, we're in a hurry to catch the moment... and this is how it should be. Capturing the moment is far more important than getting the perfect focus or the most artistic composition. Never sacrifice the moment. But, there are many things we can do before we hit the shutter button that can make our pictures better. In this series, I'll look at 3 of them: Changing Your Point of View, Using Leading Lines, and Filling the Frame. These are easy, and if you practice, you'll find you use them... even when the moment is fleeting.


So, this week let's look at Changing Your Point of View.

Changing your point of view really just means changing the angle of your picture. Most of the time, we take photos at our eye level. But, if you change your point of view, you can dramatically change the feeling of the image.


1. Try getting down to eye level with your subject... this is especially great for pictures of kids and pets.


At eye level with Minnie


2. Take a photo from below your subject. Images of flowers can be really beautiful photographed this way. The photo at the top of this blog post was taken while standing (crouching, actually) underneath the tree.


 Black-eyed Susan shot from below


3. Shoot from above your subject. This is a great way to incorporate shadows into the photo. 


 Boy with shadow


4. Don't forget about getting shots from behind your subject. Shooting a photo from behind catches your subject unawares... truly candid. Photos taken from behind are good at evoking an emotion or a moment. 

 From behind! Not exactly wistful... but a fun photo from the county fair. 


So... I hope you try to change your point of view on some of the photos you take this week... it's fun, and can give your some surprising and satisfying results.


Till next time...




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