Take Your Best Shot- Leading Lines

This week, I'll continue the Take Your Best Shot series with a post on Using Leading Lines.

Leading lines can be anything that helps to draw your eye into the photo. Roads, paths, railroad tracks, fence lines, shore lines and rows of windows are just a few things that make excellent leading lines.

A lane through the woods draws you further into the scene

A lane through the woods

A scene from an indoor shopping mall. The gridlines from the overhead skylight, as well as the lights lining the walls, all serve as leading lines.

The railing along the dock and the line of boats all draw the eye out towards the water

The rocks in the foreground capture your attention, and then your eye follows along the shoreline out towards the mountains.

Lots of leading lines here- the lines of the buildings on either side and the lines in the pavement all draw our eye through the people, and towards the tower.

Once you're aware of how leading lines can really help your photos, you'll start looking for them everywhere. You're probably already using this technique in many of your pictures and didn't even realize it. But now, you know what to look for... Try it!

Till next time...

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