Take Your Best Shot- Fill the Frame

Today, in part 3 of my Take Your Best Shot series, I'll discuss the technique of Fill the Frame.

Usually, most of our photos show the main subject in relation to it's environment. Here's an example:

We can see the photo was taken at a fish market... lots of different varieties of fish, we see the packing boxes, the handwritten signage, the ice beds. It's interesting, colorful and jumbled... but there's no emphasis on one particular thing.

Now, take a look at this photo:

By filling the frame with just a small grouping of fish, we can really see the textures, colors and lighting of the subject.

Filling the frame is basically taking a photo of a particular subject with nothing else in the foreground or background. It is a wonderful technique, and creates photos full of interesting colors and textures. Sometimes, it's not possible to get close enough to fill the frame with your subject... in that case, get as close as you can, and then crop down to just the area you want. This was the case with this photo of a pig:

Filling the frame also can take a pretty mundane subject, like a stack of potatoes for example, and enable the viewer to see the textures and colors we might ordinarily overlook:

I hope you'll give this technique a try... it's especially fun to do with food. Try it the next time you're at the grocery store or a farmer's market. And, once you take that photo into an app for editing, you can really get some wonderful results.

Till next time!

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