Finally Spring!

Here in Indiana we've endured a never-ending Winter... and now it appears that Spring is finally here! To celebrate, here's a new composition I've called Finally Spring.

Last month, in order to escape our never-ending gray skies, we took a trip to the American West and visited New Mexico and Arizona. Not only did we bask in warmer temperatures and breathtaking vistas, we also visited several small, out of the way towns perfect for capturing with my iPhone7S camera. Old, dusty store windows, reflections, trees still waiting for their leaves... all of these were captured. And, since I've been intrigued lately by mannequins, today I decided to put some of those images to use in this newest composition. I had an idea of a figure emerging from winter and just beginning to flower. I wanted to combine some painterly effects with areas of sharper realism, yet with a dreamy feeling overall.

Here are the 3 images I used:

This photo, taken in Carthage, Missouri, shows a mannequin in the window of a shuttered store. I loved how the reflection of the trees in the glass give the impression that they are growing out of her head... and the bright colors of her sweater belie the sadness of this empty space.

This leafless cottonwood tree was in Sedona, Arizona. The dramatic sky and late afternoon light give the tree a stark beauty.

This mannequin in Santa Fe, New Mexico really caught my eye. The petals of the skirt, the flowers on the belt, the lighting... I knew I'd use this photo somewhere.

I used the app iColorama to create and edit the composition. Much blending and masking, and experimenting with a variety of blend modes. Here are a few of the saved interim images:

And here's the final version.

I hope it's finally Spring where you are... till next time,


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